Shere Church Bells - A History

Shere Church Bells

This book tells the story of the bells and bell ringers of St James' Church at Shere from the 13th century, when the tower was heightened to include a bell chamber adn the spire was added, to the present day. It also details the system of full circle church bell ringing unique to England and explains why it came about.

There is a lot of literature about church bells in general but it is mostly written for, and read by, bell ringers and their ilk. Likewise much has been written about St James' Church and Shere village but there is lilttle information about Shere bells.

Bells have played an important part in English Church History so it seems appropriate that there should be a record, however incomplete, of the history of the bells at Shere. I have included some history of the ringers as well as details of how bells ring and why English church bell ringing is so unique.

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Published 2008
A5 44pp black and white illustrations
ISBN: 978 0 9528625 4 3
Price: £4.50 inc post and packing

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