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Engaged in War

The Letters of Stanley Goodland 1914 - 1919

These are the letters of a Territorial Army officer - (1/5 Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry) who took part in some of the forgotten theatres of World War 1 (WW1), sometimes designated as 'sideshows', - 'Mespot' (Mesopotamia / Iraq), Egypt, Palestine and also garrison duties in India.

Five years overseas with no home leave
These letters voice the concerns of a territorial soldier, a second lieutenant who was in camp in August 1914, and did not return to England until 1920; a man who had just become engaged to be married and was getting established in his career. He left for India in October 1914 and never had home leave. Most of his letters to his fiancée, Elsie, survive (unfortunately her letters do not) and it is these letters that form the basis of this book, edited and annotated by his son and daughter.

Changing attitudes - contrasting fortunes
These letters reflect his initial excitement at going to war and his keen and lively interest in new places and people. They reveal how his attitudes change with experience of camp life and combat into a dogged acceptance of a job to be done, whatever the discomfort and losses involved. We share the thrill of being entertained by the Maharajah of Patiala:- '...treated like royalty ... met at the station by elephants' (Jan 1915); are appalled by conditions in 'Mespot':- 'bitterly cold and often we had to be out in the desert at night in our thin Indian clothes with no blankets' (Jan 1916). We have sympathy for a man who had lost two good friends to death or injury in Palestine (and for Elsie) when he says;- '... a few days ago I wrote you a very miserable letter and I have regretted it ever since' (Dec 1917). As a concientious adjutant he spent the whole of 1919 in Egypt attending to other people's demobilisation and suppressing local unrest, his own return being for ever deferred. 'Five years ago I sailed from Southampton. Isn't it dreadful to think of?' (October 1919).

Eyewitness accounts
For each year, the letters are preceded by an introduction, putting them in context of the war situation worldwide and Stanley Goodland's part in it. His letters reveal much of the military action, and his (sometimes) critical view of those in command. It is a story which combines military history and human interest - and one with a happy ending.

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Preface to Chapter 1

Sample letters

Published March 1999, reprinted and revised 2008
172 pages 16pp black and white plates 7pp maps
ISBN: 978 09528625 2 9
Price: 9.50 + post and packing see below

Published March 1999, reprinted and revised 2008
172 pages 16pp black and white plates 7pp maps
ISBN: 978 09528625 2 9
Price: 9.50 + post and packing

Post and Packing - UK £2.00, Europe £3.00 International £4.00

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